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About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist in Cleveland, Ohio and I provide psychological treatment through the life span, for children and adolescents, adults and seniors.  I have treated children as young as 4 years old up to seniors as old as 75.  No matter the age, my mission is always to meet my clients exactly where they are in their emotional space.  I have no preconceived ideas about age, gender, race, orientation, status.  It may sound like a cliche, but each client truly is unique. In practice that means eliminating assumptions.  Clients are not labels or diagnoses; they are persons with complex histories and unique perspectives. My job is not to "get in their head" or analyze them, but to join them in that unique perspective so that together we can unravel the threads that led to distress and unhappiness.  We are a team from the moment we first make contact until we are done.


I feel that my life experiences have given me a unique awareness of life's challenges, uncertainties, and surprising opportunities. I was  born and grew up in Romania during the repressive communist regime of Ceausescu and I spent nearly a year in a refugee camp as a young adult.  I immigrated to the United States  where I started life with a small suitcase of clothes  donated by rescue organizations, some English that I had learned on my own, and a $20 gift from the American government. The unknown future was ahead of me, untethered from everything that I ever knew, people, places, language, traditions, expectations - everything was new and unknown.  I remember a frequent occurrence, early on when my English comprehension was limited:  someone would say something that I could not understand, and when I indicated, the person would repeat what they had originally said, only saying it louder.  I think of that often because for therapy to work, I must listen attentively and carefully so that I can hear and understand where clients "are," their doubts and anxieties, and the things they want to say but do not know how or fear to say.  Because, at the end of the day, therapy is about communication, understanding, and collaboration.


Clinical Psychologist

    1995 - Ohio License #5011    

Northeast Ohio College of       Medicine

    1994 Postdoctoral training

Kent State University

     1993 Ph.D.

Baldwin Wallace College

      1985 B.A.

Community Participation

I give free talks and workshops in settings such as schools, health centers, libraries, and churches on a variety of topics:

    ADHD and Behavioral Strategies for                       Management


    Brain Health

    Child Behavior and Conduct Problems


    Organization Skills 

    Stress Management

    Wellness and Healthy Living

I make weekly visits to nursing homes with my therapy dog, Stella.  Animal visits provide enrichment, variety, and amusement to residents.  Stella has titles as a performing dog, so together we put on short performances for the residents’ entertainment.


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Professional Affiliations


American Psychological Association    

Division 56 of APA  - Trauma Psychology         

Ohio Psychological Association

National Register of Health Service Providers in          Psychology

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